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Tim Chiu

SVP, Global Sales

Tim Chiu has over 25 years of experience in supporting global sourcing automation and information technology that enables collaboration between global commerce communities.

Tim has helped numerous leading retailers and brands improve global sourcing efficiency by implementing retail merchandising, global sourcing, vendor management, and vendor collaboration solutions that provide measurable benefits. With a varied background in IT and workflow process consulting, Tim is a frequent speaker on the topic of global sourcing for the retail industry.

Joel Ma

Business Strategy Director, Hallmark Cards (HK) Limited

Joel currently is the business strategy director of Hallmark Cards (HK) Limited. Joel is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives that help build an efficient supply chain organization for better cost competitiveness and productivity across all functional teams.

Joel graduated from the University of Kansas with an MBA, majoring in Finance and Marketing. He received the lifetime C.P.M. certification from the Institute for Supply Management in 2008. Joel is passionate about supplier relationship management and supplier collaboration. Currently, Joel is pursuing a doctorate degree in Business Administration in supply chain management with City University of Hong Kong.

Robert Parrish

Managing Director, SGS Hong Kong Limited

Rob is currently the Managing Director of SGS in Hong Kong since 2016. Prior to this, he held the position of Vice President for the Retail Solutions unit within the Consumer and Retail Sector of the SGS Group based out of Hong Kong where he was responsible for the Global leadership of the SGS Retail related activities.

During his more than 30-year career with SGS, Rob has held numerous management positions in various countries including Managing Director for the Consumer Testing Services division of SGS North America Inc., Managing Director of SGS in Indonesia and prior to that Managing Director in Vietnam. Concurrently Rob is responsible for the leadership of the SGS Consumer and Retail Services, Global Marketing Team.

Jane Singer

Director & Head of Market Intelligence, Inside Fashion

Jane Singer is Director & Head of Market Intelligence at Inside Fashion, the leading market intelligence advisory service for the global fashion industry.

She pioneered the company’s Consumer Lab, which is respected for its breakthrough insights into consumer attitudes about fashion and lifestyle.

Jane has over 20 years marketing and sales experience in international markets, with extensive experience in Asia. As a featured expert speaker at prominent trade fairs, industry events and corporate meetings around the world, Jane is an acknowledged thought leader, bringing refreshing and on point insights about the fashion industry sector. She also serves as a consultant to several leading apparel and textile companies, helping them to gain clearer insights into key markets and identify new opportunities. Jane is a graduate of Vassar College with a degree in Economics.

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